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Necturus maculosus

Mudpuppy. Photo:CMN

The mudpuppy is unique among salamanders. It is the largest of Canada's species, reaching about 300mm, although a length of 486mm has been reported. The genus to which it belongs is permanently aquatic; while most salamanders lose their gills on reaching adulthood, mudpuppies retain them throughout their lives. Mudpuppies live in various freshwater habitats, from rivers to lakes to creeks that never dry up, subsisting on a diet consisting of crayfish, insects, fish, snails and some plant matter, although some believe that these plants may have just been swallowed by accident as the mudpuppy ate its prey. Mudpuppies are rarely seen unless searched out or caught accidently by surprised fishermen.

Map of Mudpuppy in Canada
Distribution of Mudpuppy in Canada

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