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Noctuid Moths

Family Noctuidae

Eight-spotted forester (Alypia octomaculata). Photo:Stephanie Boucher
Eight-spotted forester (Alypia octomaculata). Photo:Stephanie Boucher

Most of the larvae feed on foliage, and some feed on fruits. Some species in this group are serious pests of various crops. The adults feed on nectar, but many species will also feed on fermenting tree sap or decaying fruit. Some species do not feed in the adult stage. The noctuid moths are almost all nocturnal. Small to large moths, but most are medium sized (20-45 mm). Most are brown or gray and a few are more colorful and mimic butterflies.Heavy bodied with hairlike antennae, narrow front wings and broad hind wings. Well developed proboscis. The larvae are usually dull colored and smooth, most of them have five pairs of prolegs.

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