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Snowshoe Hare

Lepus americanus

Photo:Jake Vander Zanden
Snowshoe Hare. Photo:Jake Vander Zanden

Like the eastern cottontail, the snowshoe hare in an important link in the food chain between plants and carnivores. The snowshoe hare tends to inhabit forests, swamps, and riverside thickets. During winter it bears a white coat which acts as camouflage, concealing the hare from predators. The snowshoe hare is a nocturnal animal, only coming out to feed at dusk. During the day the snowshoe hare hides in shrubs where it grooms itself and occasionally sleeps. It can be found throughout Canada from coast to coast. It is so adaptable that 11 separate subspecies have been recorded in Canada alone.

Map of Snowshoe Hare in Canada
Distribution of Snowshoe Hare in Canada

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